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Stock Management Solutions

Stock Management Solutions

Diverse Products can supply you with a variety of cutting edge stock management solutions to give you all the products that you choose, and in the most efficient and reliable ways possible.

Traditional issues with stock and asset management are now a thing of the past, with a variety of solutions to revolutionise the way you work:

iVend Secure

•Configurable carousel vending system
•Up to 936 individual compartments
•13 or 7 door option
•NFC or pin secure access
•Configurable access at employee level
•Full advance control
Job and batch number capture at point of issue
Real time, remote stock visibility
Connect multiple machines from 1 primary machine
•Connects with iVendLocker as primary or secondary
SmartSearch function on touch screen across all machines
Return function if required
Full audit trail in Sourcerer                                                                                            

iVend Scale

•NFC or pin secure access to individual doors by employee

Up to 4 cabinets linked from one master console

Advanced weight sensor technology in each bin

Real time stock visibility

Batch and job number recording if required

Quick and easy restocking

Pull out drawers

SmartSearch via touchscreen

Configurable up to 76 bins per cabinet

840kg capacity per cabinet (120kg per shelf)

Anti-tipping feature

Full audit trail in Sourcerer

iVend Locker

•Stand-alone or in combination with iVendSecure units
•Add any number of secondary lockers to a primary unit
•Secure inventory and asset vending
•Return assets as required, such as tools and equipment
•NFC or pin for employee access and asset return
•Full advance control
Job and batch recording
Speed up issue and return of assets
Restrict access at employee and product level
Log testing, expiry and inspection requirements per asset
Charging ports can be added to individual lockers
SmartSearch for items on touch screen across all machines
Real time, remote stock visibility
Full audit trail in Sourcerer


•Wireless BLE communication system up to 100m

•Active tag

•Push button re-ordering

•Pre-set quantity re-stocked to button location


•Can be multi-component

•Can be used for inspection call

•Full audit trail in Sourcerer


•Highly accurate weight sensor bin system

•BLE communication system up to 80m

•NFC app configured

•Each individual iBin fully mobile & wireless

•Temperature monitor in each bin

•Live bin balance visibility

•Remote, global stock management

•Min / max trigger levels

Auto reordering to defined supplier

Output to any IT system via CSV, XML etc

2 sizes available

5 year+ battery life

Powerful reporting tools

Full audit trail in Sourcerer


•Wireless BLE communication system up to 80m

•Low stock alerts

•Fill top and bottom bin with known quantity

•Release top bin when bottom empty

•Replenishment order issued for top and alert sent to Sourcerer

•Visual flag also shown on bin

•Fully mobile wheeled racking system

•NFC scan on refill to conform using Inventor-e app

Ideal for lineside operations or moving production lines / areaslines / areaslines / areas

Real time stock refill visibility and online battery life indicator

Powerful reporting tools

Full audit trail in Sourcerer


•Simple to use app interface

•NFC interface for Employee and product ID / issue

•Job and batch number recording

•Quick & easy tag allocation and re-write

•Compatible with barcode devices

Full stock visibility in real time

Can be used for manned or unmanned stores situations

Min and max level settings easily adjusted and reviewed

Powerful reporting tools for continuous improvement

Can be combined with all Inventor-e solutions

Multi-supplier interface

Reduce cashflow tied up in stock using JIT and / or VMI

Full audit trail in Sourcerer


•Simple to use app interface

•Full visibility in real time of individual van stocks in Sourcerer

•SmartSearch function in app allows product search in operatives’ own vehicle & across entire fleet and stores. Configurable by trade or geography

•Van stock lists fully configurable at any level

•Multi-supplier replenishment via push out files in CSV, XML or over Web-service

•NFC tagging system for quick product scan rather than list search. Reduces error rates. Quick and easy tag re-allocation if needed                                      

•Barcode scanner device compatible

•Items scanned back in to van to ensure deliveries are in full and accurate

•Specials can be scanned on and off the vehicle for tracking and audit

•Powerful reporting tools for continuous improvement of stocks

•Full audit trail in Sourcerer

Smart Asset Enterprise

•Discreet RFID tagging of tools, equipment, machinery, vehicles and other assets

•Any shape, size or branding. Easily hidden if needed

•Record consumables booked to a final asset or product in production

•Locate stock and assets around your site during production, QC, shipping etc

•Record detailed asset data including build date, installer/engineer, parts used, servicing and testing dates, installation location, warranty periods, etc

•Capture data sheets, customer specs and images against each asset

•Set up advance warnings of inspections and warranty end dates etc

•Pre-start / use checklists (vehicle, equipment or machinery checks)

•QC assessment questions

•Field service scanning (fire doors, boilers, electric showers etc)

•All asset data available on both mobile devices and Sourcerer Platform

•SmartSearch for items and assets across your entire operation or location

•Locate & cross reference asset or parts failures by manufacturer, installer, machine etc 


•NFC and BLE technology in each tag

•Last known location recorded and shown in map

•Locate items in range up to 80m, (hot / cold indicator)

•Asset located confirmation (e.g. all tools in van confirmed)

•5 year battery life

•Track servicing, warranty and inspection requirements of each asset

•Full audit trail in Sourcerer

Sourcerer Software

•Cloud based inventory & asset management system
•Manages all users, assets & inventory globally in one place
•Real time visibility
•Allows automated replenishment set up
•Multi-supplier platform
•Outbound files in CSV, XML, Web-service or API to any IT system
•Powerful, configurable reporting tools
•Full audit trail including job and batch numbers if required
•Full capture of all data. Users, time, date, asset/stock ID, value, quantity, job numbers etc
•Full asset management system with warranty data, purchase date, engineer/user, testing and inspection dates including data sheets & photos
•Fully configurable reporting
•Set up standard auto-run reports
•Bespoke reports at your fingertips
•Export data in HTML, PDF, Excel, CSV, XML, Text etc
•Auto populate POs in MRP systems
•Auto uplift stock via GRNs
•Full audit trail and search functions under any heading
•Set warning reports for testing and inspection, items not returned etc
•Report on exceptions,  abnormal events or non-compliance
•Audit trail for usage, compliance and regulatory checks

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