Rail Industry

Diverse Products are proud to be fully registered as a qualified supplier to the Rail Industry by Achilles Link-Up.  Achilles Link-up helps transport companies manage risk within their supply chain and comply with EU Procurement Legislation and other standards and legislation.  Achilles Link-up is governed by a RISQS (Rail Industry Supplier Qualification Scheme) Board compromising of cross-industry representation, and the RISQS Board members contribute to the development of the service.  Diverse Products are approved for the following product codes:

Supplier Number: 094939

Product Code

04.31.04 SMP   Janitorial Supplies

04.43.01 SMP   Office Furniture

04.45.01 SMP   Kitchen & Domestic Equipment (including White Goods)

04.46.01 SMP   Electrical Equipment (including TV, DVD/VCR, Shredders)

04.47.01 SMP   Chemicals, Coatings and Lubricants

04.48.01 SMP   Medical & First Aid Equipment

04.49.01 SMP   Hardware (including Signage, Locks & Lamps)

04.50.01 SMP   Uniform Clothing

04.51.01 SMP   PPE (including Footwear)

07.19.01 SMP   Timber Products (including Brake Sticks)

07.19.02 SMP   Wooden Handle Staves

07.19.03 SMP   Padlocks & Associated Fittings

07.19.04 SMP   Locks & Latches

07.19.05 SMP   Batteries

07.19.06 SMP   Horns & Whistles

07.19.07 SMP   Lamps & Spares

07.19.08 SMP   Flags

07.90.05 SMP   Materials & Parts (Ancillary Staff Equipment/Facilities Supplies)

07.90.06 SMP   Materials & Parts (Station & Building Signs)

17.04.01 SMP   Hand Tools

17.04.01 MRC   Hand Tools

17.04.01 REF   Hand Tools