Product Sourcing

product sourcing

Struggling to find a specific product?  Needing something specially made but don’t know where to look?  With 20 years experience in product sourcing and a database of over 4000 suppliers, Diverse Products are best placed to take the pain away.  Why spend hours trawling through brochures and the internet when you can be getting on with something else?  If it is out there, or if it can be made, we pride ourselves on being able to offer the quickest and cheapest solution.  Try us, we like a challenge!

We offer completely flexible purchasing and procurement services, giving you the opportunity to streamline your supply chain by reducing the number of suppliers that you use, resulting in less phoning around for prices, fewer deliveries to receive and less invoices to check and pay.

Contact us now to discuss your requirements to see how Diverse Products can save your business time and money!